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Welcome to SPEX!

One of the reasons why languages such as Java or Perl have been so successful is the vast amount of libraries that are available to developers. While there is just one predominant implementation for these languages, the situation is different for XQuery, which has been implemented more than 50 times, according to the official W3 XQuery Page. All implementations share common core languages defined by the W3C, but differ considerably when it comes to pre-defined functions and modules.

EXPath – realized by Florent Georges – is an ambitious project initiated to fill this gap. It provides specifications for missing standard features, some of which have already been implemented by existing XQuery Engines. Another project that may get important for the community is EXQuery.

This Wiki is meant as a new platform for developers of XQuery Processors to write common specifications for XPath/XQuery modules. We want to make this platform as interactive as possible, so please register to get an account. Successful module proposals will eventually be passed on to EXPath or EXQuery, or presented on this platform in more detail.


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