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This page lists existing modules in different implementations of XPath/XQuery.

The first table lists the EXPath modules along with existing implementations. A project-specific link is specified if an implementation supports a module:

EXPath Module Name BaseX eXist Saxon/Calabash Zorba
Crypto Yes No No No
File Yes No No Yes
Geo No No No Yes
HTTP-Client Yes Yes No Yes
Packaging Yes Yes Yes No
SQL No No No No
Webapp No No Yes No
ZIP Yes Yes Yes No

The following table lists similar modules in various XPath/XQuery processors that could be brought together:

Module Name BaseX Zorba Notes
Full-Text Yes No Some features may also get part of a future official XQFT recommendation
JSON Yes Yes
Map Yes No Depends on decisions of the W3 JSON SWAT team
SQL Yes No Needs to be aligned with the EXPath Draft
XSLT Yes Yes
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